The Labour Market Position of Minority Ethnic Groups in Britain

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Star Education Centre 116 Hyde Road, Ardwick, MANCHESTER, M12 5AR

Prof Yaojun Li

Professor of Sociology at the Institute for Social Change, Manchester University

There has been a lot of research on minority ethnic groups in Britain since the mid 1990s but most of the studies are piece-meal unable to give us a comprehensive picture of the minority ethnic disadvantage, the inter-group variations, and the possible progress they are making in the socio-economic life of Britain. I have been conducting fairly systematic research on minority ethnic integration in Britain using the most authoritative data sources available such as the General Household Survey (1972-2005), the Labour Force Survey (1983-2005), the Citizenship Survey (2001-9), and the 3% Samples of Anonymised Records from the 1991 and the 2001 Censuses of the Population in Britain in conjunction with the 6% Integrated Public Use series from the US Censuses of the Population in 1990 and 2000. My analysis focuses on employment, social class, labour market earnings, social mobility, second-generation educational and occupational attainment, Britain-US comparisons, social capital and philanthropy and racial discrimination. In this talk, I will give a brief summary of the key research findings in these areas and discuss some policy implications.