Thematic Dinner with Ruth Drake and Dean Davis, Hull City Council

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Dialogue Society Hull Branch

Dean Davis

Area Manager of the Council's Unit Development Service

Ruth Drake

Hull City Council's Arts Development Officer

Dialogue Society branches hold thematic dinners to in order to create a space for meaningful and productive dialogue between staff, volunteers and supporters and diverse local stakeholders. The dinners provide the opportunity for those involved to explain their work, to exchange ideas on areas of mutual interest and to identify any possibilities for useful collaboration in serving and strengthening the local community.


For the first Dialogue Society Hull Branch thematic dinner, staff and volunteers were delighted to welcome Hull City Council’s Arts Development Officer Ruth Drake and Area Manager of the Council’s Unit Development Service Dean Davis. They had a tour of the community centre at which the branch is based and discussed this year’s activities board.

The visitors watched a presentation of Dialogue Society and community centre projects and talked with staff and volunteers about current and possible future projects such as community celebrations, women’s education support, forming music/drama groups, arranging seminars and talks, organizing excursions and health information events.

It is intended that such projects will bring the community together to benefit from services provided at the centre and also provide valuable opportunities for the local communities to communicate with people who make decisions or provide key services in the local area.

The conversation continued over the dinner, followed by dessert and tea and coffee. The visitors expressed appreciation of the evening and staff and volunteers were very glad to have the opportunity to meet them and discuss their work and plans and common areas of interest.