Community Conference – Essentials of Peace: Truthfulness & Trustworthiness of Prophets

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Quaker Friends House, Euston-London

Dr Chris Hewer

St Ethelburga Fellow in Christian-Muslim Relations

Dr Ozcan Keles

Dr Ozcan Keles

Chairperson of the Dialogue Society

Ozcan is a non-practising Barrister and member of the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn. He is the Chairperson of the Dialogue Society since 2008; was the Executive Chairperson of the same organisation between 2008 and 2014; the Executive Editor of the peer-reviewed biannual academic Journal of Dialogue Studies since 2014 and a full-time PhD candidate in the sociology of human rights at the University of Sussex. Between 2006 and 2009 he was a research student with Prof Kevin Boyle at the Human Rights Centre of the University of Essex, where he held the Scholarship Award of 2006. Ozcan was called to the Bar in 2005 after successfully completing the Bar course at the Inns of Court School of Law. He obtained his LLM in Human Rights Law from SOAS, University of London, in 2002.

Rabbi David Hulbert

The Bet Tikvah and the Sukkat Shalom Synagogues

An annual event organised to commemorate Prophethood and the shared values and characteristics of ‘Abrahamic Prophets’. While ‘Essentials of Peace’ is the primary heading of the Conference, the sub-heading and theme for each year changes.


To seek solutions in the values and characteristics of the Abrahamic Prophets. To come together on common terms, values and characteristics among the three major religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism).


The Dialogue Society organised its third ‘Essentials of Peace’ community conference sub-titled, ‘Truthfulness & Trustworthiness of Prophets’. The conference looked at truthfulness and trustworthiness in the disposition, practice and teachings of the three Abrahamic Prophets.

This year the theme explored the two important qualities of truthfulness and trustworthiness that were ever present in the lives of Abraham, Jesus, Moses and Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Them All). The evening began with a music recital of the reed flute and guitar entertaining the audience with traditional Sufi and modern pieces. Ms Sarah Clive, a professional story teller, captivated the audience with stories of the Prophets as documented in religious texts. The conference consisted of three powerful speeches from Rabbi David Hulbert (Bet Tikvah & Sukkat Shalom Synagogues), Dr Chris Hewer (St Ethelburga Fellow in Christian-Muslim Relations) and Mr Ozcan Keles (Dialogue Society Volunteer).

The programme concluded with a live performance by the Whirling Dervishes accompanied by Sufi music, and recital of Rumi poetry. Refreshments were made available during the break and at the end of the programme as well as stalls selling traditional artefacts, gift items, jewellery and books.