Visit to The National Holocaust Centre

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

The Holocaust Centre, Northampton

Organised with AEGIS Communities.

Dialogue Society Northampton Branch visit to The National Holocaust Centre and home of The Aegis Trust, which campaigns against crimes against humanity and genocide.

You are invited to join us on a dedicated day at the Centre in Laxton, near Newark in Nottinghamshire. The Dialogue Society has a tradition of sponsoring and promoting inter faith and inter cultural dialogue on topics that are important for us all.

This visit represents a real opportunity to come together to better know and understand each other, in a centre dedicated to the understanding and learning from The Holocaust and Genocide, so that we can better try and prevent such terrible conflict happening in the future.

The centre has a very interesting and well-designed exhibition with meeting hall and beautiful gardens. You can see more about the centre at &

Whilst The Holocaust unleashed by the Nazi’s in Europe receives possibly the highest recognition with its principal target being the Jews of Europe, it must not be forgotten, that The Nazi’s also hated Roma & Sinti gypsies, Gay men, Black people and those with a mental or physical disability. There have also been many other Genocidal activities which have focused on other communities, and all based on `difference’ and hatred, such as the Muslims in The Balkans in the 1990’s and Minority groups such as the Tutsi’s in Rwanda.

Whilst the enormity of these atrocities can sometimes make them difficult or impossible to comprehend, this visit will remind us that whilst State sponsored, it is about individual acts of brutality (often based upon inaccurate and false prejudice) but importantly, individual acts of kindness that save us from such disaster!

As well as learning about the subject, and getting to know one another a little better, we will also have the opportunity to consider what we can do together to make Northampton and shire a better place in which to work, live and play.

Please come and join us on this exciting opportunity. There is no cost to you in attending, with transport and lunch provided. The coach will be parked alongside Abington Park on Christ Church Road adjacent to Albany Road at 9.00 am and we will return at approximately 5.00pm.

Program Details

11:00 – Refreshments and Welcome

11:15 – Origins of The Holocaust Centre & The Aegis Trust

11:25 – Film: Not On My Watch

11:30 – Presentation: Lessons from Genocide

11:50 – The Holocaust Centre – Main Exhibition / The Journey

12:30 – Lunch

13:15 – Speaker: Holocaust Survivor

14:15 – Holocaust Survivor Questions/Answers

14:30 – Memorial Gardens, Refreshments

14:45 – Film: Them and Us, Then and Now

15:00 – End