Whispers of Love, Whirling Dervishes Event at Hackney Empire

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Hackney Empire, London

The Dialogue Society was proud to present its second annual Whirling Dervishes event, ‘Whispers of Love’ at the famous Hackney Empire, London.

The event was a night dedicated to Rumi, his way of love, peace and universal truth. The evening featured an exhibition on Rumi and the Sufi tradition; a magical performance by the world-renowned Turkish Whirling Dervishes; a feast of live Sufi music and a speech on the relevance of Rumi today. The vibrant gifts and artefacts on display and for sale on the stalls added a splash of colour to the evening.

The Whirling Dervishes continued their tour of the UK with 10 performances across the United Kingdom.


An annual event since 2004 which comprises an exhibition on Rumi and the Anatolian Sufi tradition, a magical performance by the Whirling Dervishes from Turkey and a commonly performed prayer by leading religious figures of Britain for the peace and safety of London. The event emphasises the renowned Rumi way of love, understanding and universal peace; values which stem from the very heart of Islam but which have been eclipsed in recent times.


To promote Rumi’s way of love, understanding and universal peace and remind Muslim and non-Muslim alike of such Islamic values. To draw inspiration of Rumi’s ‘compass analogy’, namely that as believers secure in their faith Muslims must be involved in the community as proactive citizens.