White and European? East European Migrant Workers in the UK

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St. Werburghs Community Centre Horley Road, BRISTOL, BS2 9TJ

This public talk given by Dr Jon Fox and organised by the Dialogue Society in Bristol attracted interest from people with East European and Middle Eastern background. Dr Fox, who is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Bristol, talked briefly about the history of racism at government level in the first section of his talk and then moved on to the findings of his interviews with immigrants of East European background living in the UK. In response to his questions about their perception of immigration in the UK he encountered a notable level of hostility towards communities of non-white ethnic background. Questions covered the relationship between racist views and low levels of education, which Dr Fox suggested do not necessarily coincide, and the extent of the issue he identified.

The main take home message was that if ethnic minorities do not mix and communicate with each other they will never get to know one another. This results in hostility and in extreme cases racist violence.