Women At The Well

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Education and Dialogue charity members are joined Christian-Muslim Forum organisation between 18th January-20th January. Christian and Muslim ladies spend all weekend together. We have exchanged views and talked about our faiths and grown towards each other.

First of all Education and Dialogue ladies would like to say that we had a wonderful weekend attending the Christian-Muslim Forum’s organisation.

After a dark and a long journey to Kettlewell, we had a very warm welcome by the Scargill House members and other guest.

The group had already been gathered for introduction session. They kindly offered us dinner but we were eager to stay in the session. Everybody introduced themselves. In the middle of the room there were some blue scarf’s on the floor. Our host Wahide and Dilly explained that the blue scarfs symbolised water, a well, zem zem. She asked everyone to place an object one by one. Soon the well was full of objects that have specific values for the people who have placed them there such as a handcraft from a previous partner, a knitted cat, shamrock leave, jewellery, knitted hat, a blanket, first baby shoes, a miniature statute. We have placed the book “His Passion” about our Prophet’s Muhammed words, explaining how education and dialogue important to us introducing our charity.

Then we had our dinner and chatted with Wahide about the weekend’s program and she told us that the attendees would like to observe our group while praying. We agreed for the mid-day Zuhr Prayer.

The next day after the breakfast, we had a morning session. It was about Prophet Ibrahim & Sarah and Hajar‘s story. The theme was “where we are coming from and where we are going to”. Then we split into four groups to discuss the story from its Bible version and Quran version. At the end of these discussion sessions everybody shared their opinions with the group. We had a chance to enlighten some attendees in the group who had no knowledge of our Prophet Muhammed.

Then the group observed our group praying, I was with the group observing and I saw the others praying in their own way whilst our group prayed. The atmosphere was so peaceful.

After this it was time some creativeness, Pippa and Tasleema, two artists taught us to create some jewellery from a kind of dough. We worked with partners and created jewellery such as necklace, bracelet, brooches for each other.

In the afternoon we visited Aynsgarth Falls, the scene was gorgeous , we had a little walk round the falls and had our afternoon tea in a local tea house.

All these activities helped us to interact and know each other more. Everybody was so brave to ask questions and in return everybody was so tolerant to answer.

We had a chance to show the “His Compassion “ cd to the group after dinner that day. It was so impressive. Following this we have received various questions, such as:

  • How do we ask Forgiveness from God
  • Is there a special Arabic prayer for forgiveness or do we pray in Turkish
  • How will we know if we have been forgiven or not

Then we did the tesbihat for them . Wahide told us that she would like to record our style as it is different compared to theirs and south African Muslims and she was delighted with our style.

We told them that there are special prayers for forgiveness and we also ask for mercy in our own language. We also told them that we cannot be sure if we have been forgiven or not but we can only pray to be forgiven and lead our life accordingly.

Then one of the attendees who is a vicar’s wife taught us a Israeli and Romanian circle dance, it was so fun, some moments to remember. It was so nice to have fun together without any barriers thinking that we are different from each other. We also showed them some samples from our traditional dances and sang some songs.

At the end of the night Salma a 22 year old Civil Engineer student applied henna to our hands. She was so artistic and patient I must say as she carried on till 1:00 in the morning.

Our last session on Sunday was so interesting, we had the opportunity to watch a video about Christian American students visiting Bradford and who have never had any contact with Muslim people before, interacting with Muslim students in Bradford. They were so straight forward and I was 100% sure that they had the time of their live. The video was prepared & edited by the American students and the song accompanying the video was explaining everything “to change the world is in our hands …”

Then Dilly Baker came up with three bobbles of wool; green, orange and brown. We created a humongous and colorful web by throwing the wool bobbles to each other and getting them round our bellies. We placed the web on the floor and Wahide placed colorful pieces of paper on the floor, She distributed colored pen and asked us to write down a word or a paragraph about what we thought of this weekend or what we experienced. When everybody was finished we came into the middle one by one lighting a candle and sharing our thoughts with each other. It was so emotional and I enjoyed every second. It was amazing to see what you can share with people who were strangers to you two days ago.

After this we exchanged the jewellery gifts that we made for each other. Then Dilly Baker taught us the circle dance and the words of a blessing . I can only remember this bit:

“May peace, may peace….”
“May peace make you whole…”

Then we blessed each other and said goodbye exchanging contact numbers and promising each other to meet shortly in different activities.

Feedback from Scargill 18th -20th Jan 2008

What a wonderful bunch of women! A lot of pleasure, good to be with you all. Louise

An amazing mix of characters, backgrounds, dreams and honest questioning. Madeleine, we have different colour, we have different faith, we have different skin. We are all human and we are all believer. Kay

Lovely and special weekend, you brought your experience and thank you to everyone. Dilly

I am delighted to have met so many beautiful people, we have exchanged views and talked about our faiths and grown towards each other. I have learned to trust Muslims more than I did before (Sorry!) I very much to continue to meet with Muslims when I go back home. Debbie Carmichael, St George’s Church ,Leeds

It was an unexpected joy to meet so many lovely Turkish sisters here at Scargill. I hope to see you all again. Kathryn Carlton

Has been a very satisfying weekend, and interesting to meet people of a different culture. Betty Calvert

It was so nice to meet an Turkish sister and to see the Muslim Prayer. Feel the Turkish culture through singing and dancing and workshop together everyone our religious, I have seen women humanity and heart of women for peace. Thank you god for bringing us together. Patricia Earle

You make my experience very good and helped me to do many isues for my pasr. Wonderful Turkish Women you all are. Malgorzade Kmita

Begin the preparation
Then the journey
Women at the well

A new friendship already formed as we navigate and share a safe arrival in splendour, spirit. I can tell faith resist in each spirit and soul, vast that cannot compare but rather rejoice, celebrate and indulge in unity learning, discovering, we are one blood, a humanity. Religion the saviour for those who believe, pray and read the holy book. Being strategic, social engagement, political, achivism, renval, waves we seed. I am human and proud, being woman, a celebration, indeed are found. Many articles, potential so many places to go, communality.

I take the energy that is lit in the capacity world of discovery, theory, knowledge, travel on this path and saviour bonding, toying, seeing, reflection and we the individuals our tree vision continued with drive by faith in the one creator. Now departure off we go, new contracts and sisters formal sprung from the wonts, we go onto contribute and make ourselves come with us, all that we gained and achieve the ultimate goal they we come through in harmony and rejoice again this is not goodbye for inshallah we’ll next heaven our future. Salma