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Causes of Religious Radicalisation and How to Prevent it Through a Dynamic Dialogue Process
25 Oct 2019
Integration and Identity Politics in Post-Brexit Britain
07 Nov 2018
Roundtable with Prof Robert Allison on What can We do to Prevent Violence by Religious Extremism?
12 Jan 2018
Roundtable with Prof Philip Baker on Mental Health and Immigrants: What Needs to be Done for Their Integration into the Society?
08 Jan 2018
Roundtable with Alastair Cunningham on Outlook for the UK Economy
20 Nov 2017
Sexuality and Gender: People of faith respond to new perceptions of what it means to be human
11 May 2016
Report Launch: ‘A Hizmet Approach To Rooting Out Violent Extremism’
28 Apr 2016
Dialogue Society Leicester Branch Celebrates International Women's Day
13 Mar 2016
Is Multiculturalism Dead? A Vision for a New Society
03 Feb 2016
Lessons from the Holocaust: Is There More to it Than History? A Talk by Holocaust survivor Dr Martin Stern
20 Jan 2016
Examining the Extreme: The Causes and Tools of Radicalisation Targeting Muslim Youth in the UK
21 Oct 2015
Conference on Remembering Genocide in Srebenica: Lessons to be Learnt
18 Jun 2014
East Midlands 2014 European Elections Hustings Event
24 Apr 2014
What's Next for Policing in Leicestershire and Rutland? Police and Crime Commissioners Public Discussion
09 Nov 2012
Making Dialogue Effective, Panel Discussion 2 - Effectiveness at the Grassroots: Seeking the Personal and the Genuine
17 Nov 2011
The Relationship Between Religion and the State In England
14 Mar 2011
Rising as a Civilisation: Which Muslim Countries Can Accept the Challenge?
19 Jan 2011
Do We Get the Media Attention We Deserve?
24 Sep 2010
Community Engagement ↑ Top
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Community Iftar: Understanding the Other: Prospects of Dialogue and Tolerance in a Turbulent Age
22 May 2019
Community iftar with Lord Mayor of Leicester and with many distinguished guests
25 May 2018
Abraham's Dining Table: Christmas and New Year Dinner
19 Dec 2017
Abraham's Dining Table: Christmas and New Year Dinner
18 Dec 2017
Community Engagement Breakfast on Remembrance Day
11 Nov 2017
Iftar Dinner in Leicester
15 Jun 2016
Brocks Hill Interfaith Spring-Clean and Picnic
07 May 2016