Women of Faith in Community - Women of Faith Panel Series

Thu, 28 Oct 2021 18:00 in Discussion Forums

Venue: Online
Date: Thursday, 28th October 2020
Time: 18:00-19:30


  • Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Chief Executive Officer, Liberal Judaism
  • Raheema Caratella, Student Cohesion Officer, De Montfort University
  • Julie Siddiqi, Founder, Together We Thrive
  • Dr Lindsay Simmonds, Research Officer, Religion and Global Society Department, LSE
  • Hannah Lowe, Research Fellow, Dialogue Society

About Women of Faith Series

Dialogue Society is pleased to announce a new online panel series on “Women of Faith” that aims to highlight the experiences, challenges, and contributions of women from different faith backgrounds in varying spheres of society. Following on from our previous panel series on “Women’s Empowerment” that inspired our recent policy paper “Supporting Gender Equality: Examples from Politics, Business, and Academia in the UK”, which was presented at the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The Women of Faith series extends our existing work on gender equality more broadly, to focus on a particular, often-overlooked group of women.

The series has three panels, each one focusing on a particular theme: “Women of Faith in Community", “Women of Faith in Public Service’, and “Women of Faith in the Media’. The panel series aims to explore the experiences, challenges, and contributions of these women in different areas of life whilst also extending our gaze to examine the perceptions of women from all faiths and none within the public realm and the media.

The panel series will then inform a policy paper that will unpack the themes from each panel discussion and accumulate ideas and arguments discussed into policy recommendations.

First Panel: Women of Faith in Community

The first panel discussion of the series on “Women of Faith in Community” will take place at 6pm on 28th October and feature a diverse group of panellists in conversation around the role of women of faith within their local communities.

This panel discussion aims to explore the different approaches, experiences, and challenges women from different faith backgrounds encounter in their involvement and integration into the local community. In particular, women of faith’s role in creating social networks and maintaining cohesive communities will be explored. Indeed, various faith groups often initiate or contribute towards social action projects; what then is the role of women working alongside their own and other faith groups to benefit their wider community? And how are women of faith, particularly those in leadership, perceived by their own faith groups and the wider community?