History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds: a Christian Perspective

Mon, 07 Dec 2009 18:00 in Discussion Forums

Seminar by Revd Canon Charles Dobbins, History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds Seminar Series. Yesterday evening on 07 December 2009, Revd Canon Charles Dobbins gave a seminar on the history of dialogue in Leeds from a Christian perspective, inaugurating the ‘History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds’ seminar series.

In his seminar Revd Canon Dobbins gave us a unique Christian perspective on the nature of dialogue and on how to establish a dialogue between faith communities. He explained the meaning of religious and community dialogue in Christianity. He gave examples from the past of the city of Leeds to the present on how different faith communities could get together in difficult times to ease tension and show solidarity. Revd Canon Dobbins then gave recent examples of intra-faith, interfaith and community dialogue from the Leeds metropolitan area.