Is Multiculturalism Dead? A Vision for a New Society

Wed, 03 Feb 2016 18:30 in Discussion Forums

Where: Dialogue Society Leicester Branch, 2 Swan Street, Leicester LE3 5AW
Date: 3rd February 2016
Time: 18:30


  • Councillor Father Brian Smith
  • Veronika Quintyne


What is multiculturalism? An overview of the problems faced by social integration of different cultures.

How ethnic and cultural minorities can meet each other with respect and build a new society.

Biography of Brian Smith

Brian Smith was not brought up in a Christian family, but became a Christian in his early twenties. He went on to become an Anglican priest, and served in three parishes in London until he retired eight years ago. While working in Tottenham, his knowledge of French brought him into contact with people from the Maghreb living in that part of London. Since his youth he has been involved in community support work, and has long advocated recognition of the diversity of society. In more recent years he has been involved with the European Network on Religion and Belief and the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups. He is currently secretary of the Derbyshire Network of the University of the Third Age and Deputy Mayor of Matlock.

Biography of Veronika Quintyne

Veronika Quintyne was brought up in an extended Christian family of African descent. She is a person open to knowing about the diversity of people in her own immediate environment and in wider society. Her career has culminated in her working as an officer for and with a series of Public Sector and Third Sector organisations in urban areas, addressing health, social care and community development issues.

From the age of 16 she has been involved in community development work and lives by the philosophy all equal, all different. In recent years she has been involved in supporting diverse groups access funding principally through Black and minority strategic groups, ensuring people as critical friends, have benefitted from this. Currently she is the Community Engagement Officer for Oadby and Wigston Borough Council and a member of LSEF(LeicesterShire Equalities Forum).


Councillor M Latif Darr's reflections on the event


Is Multiculturalism Dead? A Vision for a New Society Is Multiculturalism Dead? A Vision for a New Society Is Multiculturalism Dead? A Vision for a New Society