Help Dialogue Society fund raise without spending a penny!

Help Dialogue Society fund raise without spending a penny!

We are now using to raise extra funds, which means that if you shop online you could help us raise funds and it won’t cost you a penny more, (in fact it can help you save money as the site will highlight any good offers).  You won’t even need to register, and with over 1000 online shops to deal with there is plenty of choice (including major brands like Amazon, M&S, Sainsbury’s and Boots).

Whenever you go to an online retailer via a link from the shop2fundraise site, the charity you select (us, please!) receives a small commission. You have the option of downloading a clever gadget that lets you know whenever you visit a retailer website registered with shop2fundraise.

If all our supporters gave this a try it could make a real difference to some of our projects. At the moment we are trying to distribute the rest of our Community Dialogue Manuals, to empower people around the country to bring their local communities together. Every penny helps!

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