In Response to the Recent Attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris

The Dialogue Society utterly condemns the barbaric attack that has taken place today in Paris on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, leading to the loss of 12 lives and the injury of others. The brutal murder of journalists and police officers is an appalling crime that we hope will soon be met with fair justice, as the alleged attackers remain at large.

Such horrific actions represent an assault on human dignity and democratic values and can never be justified. At the Dialogue Society we promote open and candid dialogue and interaction where ideas are aired, appreciated and only challenged, if challenged at all, again through ideas.

In these difficult times we offer the families of the victims and the people of France our heartfelt condolences. We wish those injured a speedy recovery and pray for peace, unity and patience between communities in France and around the world. We call upon everyone to stand together and united against such murderous acts.


For press enquiries please contact Ilknur Kahraman,, or telephone 020 7619 0361

Notes to editors

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