Dialogue Society and Keele University offer one of a kind Dialogue Studies MA

LONDON – 3rd April 2012 – Keele University and the Dialogue Society will co-deliver their Dialogue Studies MA for the second time in September, after a highly successful academic year.

The School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy (SPIRE) at Keele University, will provide students with the conceptual and analytical skills and the factual knowledge to develop a critical understanding of theoretical approaches to dialogue, peace-building and community cohesion. The Dialogue Society will provide professional training and experience which will equip students with practical skills to engage in and lead intercultural dialogue.

Professor Chris Bailey, Head of SPIRE, said, “At Keele University, we are extremely excited to be working with the Dialogue Society to deliver the second Dialogue Studies MA together. The MA is unique at a number of levels not least because it addresses a topic rarely studied as an MA but also because it combines theoretical research with practical experience and application. It is also a great pleasure to be working with the Dialogue Society, a dynamic and innovative organisation, on another project.”

The unique Dialogue Studies MA programme, open to all UK and overseas applicants will include a 10 week work placement at the Dialogue Society where students will be given hands on experience in preparation for post-study work. Students will take part in a miscellany of training programmes and practical dialogue projects including the Dialogue School, ‘Dialogue’s Apprentice’, London Trips, and supporting the coordination of the Dialogue Society’s public programmes.

Dialogue Studies MA student Volkan Akdag from the Netherlands said, “My whole dialogue world has changed in these six months at Keele University and at the Dialogue Society. I have seen a positive change in terms of my thinking about innovative dialogue projects and how an organization can be more productive for the community. I have also noticed that my self esteem has increased. I can really recommend this MA to anyone who is interested in International Relations, Politics and Dialogue.”

Jakhangir Sharif from Kazakhstan said, “The MA was an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about the political and historical backgrounds of societies, particularly in the UK. Apart from this, the course was a great opportunity to improve my communication skills and a chance to meet numerous different people.”

The first semester will include two elective taught modules from a broad interdisciplinary range of topics including options in politics, international relations, sociology and public policy. Two core modules and a 15,000 word dissertation will also be required with no written examinations included in the programme. There will be a select number of bursaries available for home and overseas students provided by the Dialogue Society and SPIRE.


Notes to editors

  1. For further information please contact Dr Cem Erbil at cerbil@dialoguesociety.org or call (+44)20 7619 0361.
  2. Founded in 1999, the Dialogue Society (www.dialoguesociety.org) is an organisation of research and community engagement working to develop and deliver new ideas for dynamic, effective and meaningful dialogue to advance intercultural dialogue, community cohesion and proactive citizenship.