Community Outreach

The Dialogue Society’s primary form of outreach in London is through a number of ‘community co-ordinators’ who focus on grass roots dialogue work in a particular borough. Staff at the Head Office in Islington also reach out to diverse groups by attending and speaking at community events and academic discussions. Periodic community events such as distribution of traditional Anatolian ‘Noah’s Pudding’, similarly facilitate community connections. At the regional branches, volunteers organise a range of community activities, including community engagement dinners and tree-planting days.

Through the process of distributing publications such as the Community Dialogue Manuals, the Dialogue Society makes new connections with different organisations and community groups. The Dialogue Society also reaches out to local young people and organisations in publicising its training courses, sometimes visiting community groups and schools and giving presentations at assemblies. The courses bring new visitors to the Dialogue Society to benefit from the projects provided and enter into dialogue. By opening its discussion forums to the general public, publicising these events through various means and keeping attendance free, the Dialogue Society also reaches out to the local community through these events.

Community Connectors

  • Community co-ordinators are volunteers based in a particular London borough
  • They seek to support community services and dialogue activities in that particular area
  • They explore local services and structures and look to connect different communities, groups and stakeholders for the benefit of all and to strengthen community cohesion
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Participate, Support and Connect

  • Community co-ordinators aim to support existing structures and services and to make fruitful connections between different communities and organisations
  • They support the events run by local groups, contributing time and assistance and encouraging participation among the communities they know
  • They connect informal or formal community committees with local stakeholders
  • They raise awareness of significant national and international events and festive occasions, such as the UK Census and International Women’s Day
  • Dialogue Society Directors and staff complement this outreach by speaking at community events as well as conferences
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Community Events

  • While the primary role of community co-ordinators is to support and connect existing initiatives and organisations, they also organise community engagement dinners and London trips and help Head Office with community events like Noah’s Pudding distribution
  • For more information on London trips please see below
  • Regional branches organise a range of community events, from interfaith discussion groups and community engagement dinners to tree-planting
  • Dialogue Society training courses are Head Office’s means of reaching new people and community groups (for further information on courses please click here)
  • Dialogue Society discussion forums are also a means of reaching out to the local community

London Trips

  • London trips provide an enjoyable shared experience of London’s fascinating history and cultural and religious diversity
  • They are intended to promote appreciation of diversity and a shared sense of belonging and citizenship
  • They are for young Londoners, people who have had limited opportunities for cultural exploration of their city, BME communities, and others who may benefit
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  • Dialogue Society publications are a helpful tool for outreach
  • For example, the distribution of the Community Dialogue Manuals to community groups and places of worship introduces new groups to the Dialogue Society’s work and ideas
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