Ali Mahgoub

Director, Leeds Refugee Forum

Ali Mahgoub is Director of Leeds Refugee Forum, a community organisation which offers practical support for refugees and asylum seekers through education, advice, information dissemination and social activities, as well as creating a space where refugees and the communities they belong to, can meet and find mutual support.

As an organisation they aim to provide Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs) support in governance, training, navigating registration processes and running community activities. By providing this kind of support to both individuals and community organisations, LRF aims to provide a means for refugee communities to produce a collective, strong and confident voice to be heard by a wide range of agencies and organisations in the city and the region.

LRF also works collaboratively with other organisations providing services for refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds, to not only ensure the needs of this community are met, but also advocate on their behalf to government agencies. Through our work we aim to empower individuals and Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs), reduce isolation and disadvantage that many may experience, and provide a greater opportunity for refugees and asylum seekers to thrive in their new home.

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