Asif Afridi

Deputy CEO at brap

Asif Afridi is a published researcher with practical national and international human rights experience of promoting equality and human rights. He is Deputy CEO at brap, a national equality and human rights advisory organisation based in Birmingham. Since 2010 Mr Afridi has been co-chair of English Regions Equality and Human Rights Network (EREN) ‘ a national network of regional equality charities and networks from across England In 2010 he was a member of advisory group on plans to implement the ‘equality measurement framework’ and ‘human rights measurement framework’ in the UK (CASE department at LSE). He continues to work on a national research project to extract learning from the ‘Awards for Bridging Cultures’. He has also been part of a national research project to identify practical barriers/ successes in implementation of a human rights approach to equality in provision of cancer services (funded by Macmillan Cancer Care).

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