Catherine Bearder

Catherine is known all over the south east region as a passionate campaigner and hard-working activist. A former local government councillor and development officer in major national charities, she has a long record of fighting for local people and the issues that concern them. Catherine is working to get environmental protection core to European policy, not just an ‘add on’. She is President of the Green Liberal Democrats and is proud to champion of environmental issues in the European Parliament. She has fought to protect elephants from the catastrophic rates of poaching, and is fighting to stamp out the trade in wild caught animals for the pet trade.

She also campaigns on social justice and rural issues and increased participation of young people in politics. She has a particular interest in the vile trade that is human trafficking.

Catherine is a staunch supporter of the European ideal, but unafraid to challenge the realities of the EU when they don’t meet that ideal. As Director of Campaigns for Britain in Europe in our region, she worked to highlight the massive economic benefits of EU membership.

Catherine is one of two Liberal Democrat MEPs that represents the South East region in the European Parliament. She is a member of the Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development, Committee on International Trade and a substitute member of the Transport committee. She is also a member of the Parliament’s delegation to the Joint Parliamentary Assembly between the EU and the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Regions) which requires working with representatives from some of the poorest countries on the planet.

Catherine is married to Simon, Emeritus professor at Brookes University who is a primatologist specialising in nocturnal monkeys. They have lived in Oxfordshire for over 25 years and raised three sons who all attended local schools and who now play active roles in their own communities.

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