David Baboulene

Author, Scriptwriter and Story Consultant

David Baboulene is the author of six books (including The Story Book, 2010), scriptwriter, story consultant, lecturer and a Ph.D. scholar of story theory whose research is changing the way contemporary media industries create and evaluate stories.

In his story theory research, he has worked with great names in film, publishing, TV and theatre, including Bob Gale (writer/producer of Back to the Future); John Sullivan (TV comedy writer of Only Fools and Horses; Just Good Friends); Willy Russell (theatre legend and writer of Blood Brothers; Shirley Valentine); Lee Child (author of the Jack Reacher novels) and Mark Williams (actor who played Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter; Shakespeare in Love) and many others.

David also delivers seminars on story principles for training and script development organisations. He also works as a story consultant for film, theatre, publishing and business organisations.

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