Deepak Verma

Actor, Writer and Producer

Deepak Verma trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama for three years (1988-1991). He made his television debut in the Scottish detective series, Taggart in 1992. However, he is best known for his portrayal of the adulterous gambler, Sanjay Kapoor, in the popular BBC soap opera, EastEnders (1993-1998). During his time on the show, Verma’s character was central to many explosive storylines.

Since leaving EastEnders in 1998, Verma has set up his own film and television production company, Pukkanasha Films. The company’s mission is to develop and produce a slate of innovative, offbeat, fresh and vibrant feature films by drawing on diverse cultural backgrounds, particularly Indian and Western. He has also written several stage plays and screenplays, including Tandoori Chicks, a screenplay about three sisters and their dad’s Indian restaurant; Eastside Story and London Gold (BBC films), two high concept feature films; Hitman, a film based on the cult novel by Max Kinnings; and a screenplay entitled Ghostdancing. His first play, Pool Of Tranquility, was selected in the finals of the Royal Court Young People’s Festival in 1992. That led to a BBC Radio 4 commission to write a play based on the life of India’s most famous bandit, Phoolan Devi. He’s since penned plays for Radio 4 and the BBC World Service.

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