Revd Donald Reeves

Director, The Soul of Europe

Donald Reeves is the Director of the Soul of Europe,which has been working in the Balkans for 10 years. The mission of the Soul of Europe is to help those in post conflict situations realise Nelson Mandela’s words:- ‘if you want to make peace do not speak with your friends,you must speak with your enemies’ The Soul of Europe has been invited by Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbs to help normalise relations between 2 Serbian Orthodox Monasteries – Decani and Pec,endangered world heritage sites with the Kosovo Muslim Albanians.

Donald Reeves is an Anglican priest. For 18 years until 1998 he was Rector of St James Piccadilly. He was awarded the MBE in 2006 for peacebuilding in Bosnia,and in 2010 he was awarded the Tscheblelbi peace Award for fostering good relations between the Abrahmic Faith .The Tschelebi Insititute is the oldest Islamic organisation in Germany. He is a Visiting Fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University in Peace Studies. His lates book is his autobiography – the Memoirs of a Very Dangerous Man.

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