Dr Fahri Karakas

Research Fellow at Open University Business School

Dr Fahri Karakas is a research fellow at Open University Business School and he is a core member of the International Management Practice Education and Learning (IMPEL) Initiative. He got his PhD in Organizational Behaviour at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. During his PhD, he has received four awards from McGill University: McGill Teaching of Excellence Award, Desautels Faculty of Management PhD Program Research Award, and the Norman Strauss Fellowship for Professional Ethics in Business (twice). As an instructor at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey), Fahri has taught seven courses on Creativity and Innovation, Leadership, Global Leadership, and Organizational Behaviour. Rather than lecturing, he strives to cultivate creative spaces in which students can express themselves freely, build on their strengths, and develop design thinking competences for the 21st century.

His research interests include design thinking, innovation and creativity, creative competences for leaders, benevolent leadership, positive management education, creative spirit and spirituality at work, social innovation, responsible management practices, and positive organizational scholarship.

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