Sir Graham Watson

Member of European Parliament

Sir Graham Watson is currently a Liberal Democrat MEP for South West England and Gibraltar; and also the President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party, comprising of 55 liberal parties from across Europe.

He was the first British Liberal Democrat to be elected to the European Parliament, winning the Somerset & North Devon constituency. Graham was knighted in the Queen’s birthday honours in October 2011

Graham also has many publications to his name including ‘The Liberals in the North-South Dialogue’ (1980), ‘To the Power of Ten: UK Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament’ (2000), ‘2020 Vision: Liberalisation and Globalisation’ (2001), ‘Liberal Language’ (2003), ‘EU’ve got mail!’ (2004), ‘Liberal Democracy & Globalisation’ (2006), ‘Liberalism – something to shout about’ (2006) and ‘The Power of Speech’ (2006).

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