Hakk Ozal

Healthcare CIC; Political Refugee

Hakk Ozal is a Turkish migrant who worked in the Education sector for six years prior to travelling to Laos to further his studies in Teaching Pedagogy at the National University of Laos. He also attained a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and worked as Director of Public Relations at the International School of Laos.

After his passport renewal efforts at the Turkish Embassy in Laos was rejected, Ozal realised returning to Turkey was not an option, for fear of political persecution and the safety of himself and his family. He then sought political asylum in the UK, where he now works as Project Co-ordinator at Bevan Healthcare. Hakk Ozal has come across numerous obstacles when settling in the UK, and is joining us to speak on how he had to overcome living as a migrant in the UK during the pandemic and in a political climate that sought to create a hostile environment for him and many others in his situation.

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