Dr Hasan Horkuc

Dr Hasan HORKUC was a Research Fellow in Islamic and comparative studies and was the Director of Durham University Risale-i Nur Studies Programe between 2006-2013 and now based at the Dialogue Society of London. He specialises in Nursian studies, the origins and development of Nursian exegesis. He has a keen interest in the evolution of Sufi thought and discourses of Gahazali, Al-Rumi, Al-Arabi, Shirazi, Al Jilani, and Ahmed Sirhindi. He has written and contributed to a number of papers among which the latest one is “Is Justice Binary?: Absolute and Relative Justice in the Teachings of Said Nursi.” Asian Journal of Social Science Brill no. 38 (2010): 583-610. Among his publications are “Said Nursi: Makers of Islamic Civilisation” by Oxford University Press, 2009 and Horkuc, Hasan, ed. God, Man and Mortality: The Perspectives of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. New Jersey: Tughra Books, 2015.

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