Hengameh Ashraf Emami

Part-time PhD student, University of Sunderland

Hengameh is a part-time PhD student at the University of Sunderland. Her research explores culture and identities of two generations of Muslim women in Newcastle upon Tyne and Glasgow. Her research interests include culture and belonging, identity, race, racism, immigration, assimilation and gender. Ms Emami has also translated the book al-Luma’ fi al-Tassawwuf (Luzac& Co., London, 1914) from English to Farsi (2002) as a Semnan University publication. Hengameh has extensive experience in research, teaching adults, and higher education. Her Professional background includes team management, project coordination, mentoring, and liaising with other agencies in the education and community sectors. Hengameh has worked in various communities and academia including Islamic Heritage where she presented three well received exhibitions in the North East of England funded by the Lottery Heritage Fund, contributed to talks and seminars at various occasions, and has been involved in Inter-religious relations in the North East of England.

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