Dr Hilary Cremin

University of Cambridge

Dr Hilary Cremin researches, writes and teaches about peace education and conflict transformation in schools and communities. Her most recent work seeks to deepen understanding of restorative interventions in schools through the coding and analysis of teacher-mediated dialogue following peer conflict.

She also has an interest in arts-based methodologies including photo-voice, poetry and autoethnography. She is currently using photo-voice to investigate the experiences of young people affected by war and migration in the UK and Europe. In one such project, funded by Cambridge Africa Alborada, young people in a school in Birmingham UK, and young people in a school in a refugee camp in Uganda are taking pictures and making presentations around the theme of ‘together and apart’. Another project, funded by the Evens Foundation, evaluates a ‘Learning Communities for Peace’ project in four primary schools affected by forced migration in four European countries.

Hilary has worked in the public, private and voluntary sector as a school teacher, educational consultant, project coordinator and academic. She has worked with various adult and community groups and in hundreds of primary and secondary schools throughout the UK and internationally. She has also worked as a community mediator, mediating both neighbour and family disputes. She continues to be involved in the promotion and delivery of conflict transformation and peace-building work in schools, and has a particular interest in Restorative Approaches.

She is the Manager of the Masters programme in the Faculty of Education.

Academic Area/Links

  • Peace Education (inner and outer peace)
  • Conflict resolution in schools and communities (including restorative approaches and peer mediation)
  • Dialogue for inter-cultural understanding and conflict transformation
  • Photo-voice research methodology
  • Autoethnography
  • New models of Peace Education

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