Jeevantika Lingalwar

Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft; Founder and President of International Women in Tech Ireland and Founder of India Ireland Connect

Jeevantika Lingalwar is a mentor, speaker and entrepreneur. She joined Microsoft in December 2020 as a Partner Technology Strategist to lead Partners and Customers in Europe to the right technology and enhance their product capability using Microsoft Technology. Jeevantika is the Founder & President of the International Women in Tech Ireland group, a Technical Manager/Co-Founder of Quantum Computing Ireland, and also a Founder of India Ireland Connect. She is a Member of IEEE in Ireland.

Prior to Microsoft, Jeevantika was a chief Technology Officer with Primeline and was responsible to lead the Digital Transformation in the organization. She was leading the cloud migration journey with Azure in Primeline.

She has a BE in Computer Science Engineering from Nagpur University, India, and an M.Sc. in Cloud Computing (Development) from National College of Ireland.

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