Josephine Kwhali

Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Coventry University

Dr. Josephine Kwhali is Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Coventry University having previously worked at Lincoln, Kent and Wolverhampton Universities. Josephine has a professional background in social work management , having worked as Head of Children and Families Services in LB Hackney and as Assistant Director in both Lambeth and Hammersmith and Fulham. Josephine has a long involvement in issues of race, racism and diversity and their implications for practice. She contributed to the Community Relations Council’s first publication on the placement needs of Black children, was on the advisory committee of the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work, contributing to its publication ‘ On Small Step to Racial Justice’. She has undertaken a range of social research whilst working as Director of Focus Consultancy, including the publication ‘Bringing Race and Culture into the mainstream of Social Services provision. Her conference paper is based on doctoral research undertaken at the University of Sussex

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