Cllr Lynda Hyde

Mayor of Brighton & Hove

Lynda has an active civic life and is proud of both her achievements and those of her extended family. Prior to her election and during her first eight years as a Councillor, Lynda ran a local business that she developed with her partner, but the demands on her time in local government were such that she retired from the business to focus on her civic duties.

As a Councillor Lynda has taken on a variety of roles, but particularly enjoyed her stint as Chair of the Planning Committee; a job that demanded a working week of about sixty hours and a particular eye for detail. Lynda remains a member of the Planning Committee and hopes to resume those duties in time.

Lynda has represented Rottingdean Coastal ward since 1999. During her Mayoral term Lynda is particularly looking forward to meeting with volunteers and people who give their time willingly for local good causes.

During her year the Mayor will be present at many of the occasions arranged by Royal British Legion (of which she is a member) and larger fund raising events for the Mayor’s Charities.

Lynda is tremendously honoured to have been made Mayor and pledges to serve the people of Brighton and Hove to the very best of her ability.

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