Emeritus Prof Lynn Davies

School of Education, Birmingham University

Lynn Davies is Emeritus Professor of International Education in the Centre for International Education and Research at the University of Birmingham. Her interests are in education and conflict, education and extremism and education in fragile contexts, and she has done research and consultancy in a number of conflict-affected states such as Afghanistan, Angola and Sri Lanka. She has also done work in UK on evaluating programmes to counter extremism and on mentoring those at risk of radicalisation. Her books include Education and Conflict: Complexity and Chaos (2004) and Educating Against Extremism (2008). She has just completed a book called Unsafe Gods: Security, Secularism and Schooling (2013) and is co-editor of a recent book on Gender, Religion and Education. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of South Africa and a Visiting Professor at the British University of Dubai, as well as serving as a Board member of the Africa Educational Trust and as an Associate of ConnectJustice.

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