Malka Al-Haddad

Genocide in Iraq Campaign

  • An Iraqi Academic has an established career at Kufa University, in Iraq, on Literary Criticism
  • Member of the Union of Iraqi Writers since 2005
  • Director of the Women’s Center for Culture and Arts in Iraq
  • Delegate member to USA in 2009 for the Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project
  • Registered with the Irish international Foundation “Front Line defenders” for the Protection of Human Rights
  • Volunteer with Leicester City of Sanctuary
  • Member of Leicester Civil Right Movement
  • Member of the Leicester Art Zone
  • Member of Birmingham Coventry Group
  • 10 Academic Studies published in the Scientific Magazine in Iraq
  • Academic paper at LSE in London / Middle East Center BRISMES Annual Conference 2015
  • Paper at IARS 4th Annual Conference with Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS)

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