Milo Comerford

Senior Policy Manager at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)

Milo Comerford is Senior Policy Manager at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), an organisation dedicated to understanding and innovating real-world responses to the rising tide of polarisation, hate and extremism globally. He leads ISD’s work developing innovative research approaches and policy responses to Islamist extremism. Milo regularly briefs senior decision-makers around the world on the challenge posed by extremist ideologies, and advises governments and international agencies on building effective strategies for countering extremism. His writing and research feature frequently in international media, including The Guardian, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times, Spectator, and New Statesman, and he has made recent broadcast appearances on BBC News, Sky News and Al Jazeera. Milo was previously Senior Analyst at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, where he led major research projects on jihadi propaganda, religious counter-narratives to extremism and the transnational far-right. Milo studied Philosophy and Theology at the University of Oxford, and previously worked on a global education programme, building open-mindedness and resilience to extremism in young people across 30 countries.

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