Prof Muhammad Anwar

University of Warwick, The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER)

Research Professor and Director of CRER’s PhD Programme. Formerly Director of CRER (1989-94) and Head of Research at the Commission for Racial Equality (1981-89). He has written extensively on ethnic and race relations and his publications include: Between Two Cultures (1976), The Myth of Return: Pakistanis in Britain (1979), Votes and Policies (1980), Ethnic Minorities and Broadcasting (1983), Race and Politics: Ethnic Minorities and the British Political System (1986), Race and Elections (1994), British Pakistanis (1996) and Between Cultures 1998. He is joint editor of Black and Ethnic Leaderships: The Cultural Dimensions of Political Action (1991) and From Legislation to Integration (1999). His research interests include: Muslims in Britain and Europe, the political participation of ethnic minorities and race relations legislation.

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