Dr Paul Hedges

University of Winchester

Dr Paul Hedges is Programme Leader in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Winchester, UK, and has taught for other British, Canadian and Chinese universities. He has published four books: Preparation and Fulfilment (Peter Lang, 2001), Christian Approaches to Other Faiths, Core Text and Reader (both co-edited with Alan Race, SCM, 2008 and 2009), and Controversies in Interreligious Dialogue and the Theology of Religions (SCM, 2010). He is also General Editor of the forthcoming multivolume series Controversies in Contemporary Religion (Praeger, 2013), is co-editor of Multifaith Societies: Governance, Inclusion and Social Change (publication under negotation, Ashgate), and has published numerous articles and chapters in scholarly journals and books. He is co-editor of the Australian Religion Studies Review, and on the editorial board of the Journal of Religious History. He research, teaches and writes in such areas as interreligious studies, contemporary Christian thought, and metatheory in the study of religion and theology.

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