Ramona Kauth

Ramona has been a Buddhist, officially, for 35 years. Before that she was learning about it for many years. Since Ramona moved to Birmingham in 1981 she has been linked with Karma Ling Tibetan Centre. She taught meditation there for several years. After working with Dr. Mary Hall at the Multi-Faith Resource Centre in Selly Oak, she continued working in interfaith dialogue and has been part of the Birmingham Council of Faiths since 1984. Ramona has taught Buddhism at the Selly Oak Colleges, at the United College of the Ascension and at Woodbrooke Quaker College. She has also taught A-level Buddhism at a Sixth Form College in Tamworth. She is currently serving as Vice-chair of the BCF and will be Chair in the coming year.

She has been involved in many interfaith groups and projects over the years besides the Birmingham Council of Faiths: Sacred Space, the Roger Hooker Memorial Trust, the Ladywood Interfaith Education Project, and more recently the Faith Encounter Project.

She believes that education is the best way to overcome prejudice and discrimination and, most importantly, our fear of what we do not understand. By learning directly from other people about their way of life and hopes for a happier world, we can see our common humanity. In this way we can reduce the risk of conflict in society and work together for harmonious communities.

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