Robin Richardson

Director, Insted Consultancy

Robin Richardson is a director of the Insted Consultancy ( He has worked in education as a teacher, adviser and chief inspector and in the equalities field as director of the Runnymede Trust. He is the author or editor of many publications, including Daring to be a Teacher (1990) and In Praise of Teachers (2002). More recently he is the co-author with Berenice Miles of Racist Incidents and Bullying in Schools: how to prevent them and how to respond when they happen, published in 2008. His two most recent publications are Holding Together: equalities, difference and cohesion and Young, Muslim and Citizen: identity, empowerment and change, both in 2009. Over the last three years he has worked frequently for the Department for Education and its predecessors as a consultant on equality impact assessments.

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