Serena Bradshaw

Performance Coach

Serena Bradshaw is a social entrepreneur and founding director of Goddard Consultants’an organisation specializing in coaching and training. Serena is particularly inspired and motivated by the people she helps and who transform their lives in spite of multiple barriers. Overcoming drug and alcohol abuse, severe and enduring mental illness, disability, learning difficulties’or living in some of the country’s most disadvantaged communities. “I often ask people who come to my workshops what success means to them,” says Serena. “They begin with the rich and the famous’pop stars, actors’ then they quickly realize that success is not fixed; that these people face huge challenges in their lives. And crucially they realize that they, too can develop the mindset of these people’motivation, hard work and determination.”

Serena has what she describes as a portfolio career spanning tourism, publishing, marketing and coaching. She is a graduate of Lancaster University, and has worked overseas in the corporate and statutory sectors. She holds an MBA and four years ago she re-trained as a performance coach and trainer. “I re-trained and established Goddard Consultants. Leaving behind job security and a regular income may seem scary, but I certainly know what motivation, hard work and determination are about. I’ve changed the way I think about success. Success is now about fulfillment. Success is about passion and it has to be personal.”

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