Prof Shamit Saggar

Director of the Understanding Society Policy Unit

Prof Shamit Saggar is currently Professor of Political Science at the University of Sussex. He is the director of Doctoral Studies, convenor, MA in European Politics and on Secondment to HM Government Jan-Dec 2013 based at DCMS.

He was Previously Senior Policy Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office; Reader in Political Behaviour at Queen Mary, University of London; Harkness Fellow at UCLA; Yale World Fellow at Yale University; and Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the University of Toronto.

Professor Saggar’s main interests lie in public policy, regulation, international migration, ethnic pluralism and political participation. Professor Saggar has published widely on migration, public policy, political participation, regulation, ethnic pluralism, and radical Islam and violent extremism. His latest book, Pariah Politics: Western Radical Islam and What Should be Done, was published in paperback by Oxford in 2011.

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