Revd Dr Terry Biddington

Chaplain Co-ordinator, Manchester Higher Education Community

Revd Dr Terry Biddington is Co-ordinating Chaplain to the Manchester Higher Education Community which is the largest H.E. community in Europe. He is based at St Peter’s House where he co-ordinates a team of 23 chaplains from the major world faiths. He is Theological Associate to the joint Manchester-Liverpool AHRC-funded international Project on Multifaith Spaces, Symptoms or Agents of Change, Professional Adviser to the Muslim Chaplaincy Trust for the Manchester Universities and Chair of the Interfaith Chaplaincy Forum for the three Manchester HEIs.

Recent papers include: ‘Shared Religious Space and the HE Community: is there a theological imperative?’; ‘Religiously Motivated Multifaith Spaces;’ Towards a Theological Reading of Multifaith Spaces;’ ‘The impact of dialogue on increasing international understanding’ (with the British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester); and ‘Some contemporary expressions of shared religious space in the public realm in Macedonia’ which draws on his 2011 fieldwork in Macedonia on shared Muslim-Christian worship spaces.

His books include: Risk-shaped Discipleship: on going deeper into the life of God (2010); Recipes for Good Living: The Beginner’s Guide to Spirituality (2012) and Risk-shaped Preaching: The Space between Us (forthcoming).

He is much in demand as a theological educator and preacher and as a consultant to other university chaplaincies.

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