Dialogue Society Launches Institute & Centre

Mon, 18 Nov 2013 09:30 in Press Release
Dialogue Society News Digest

LONDON – 18th November 2013 – In an effort to connect communities, empower people to engage and contribute to the development of ideas on dialogue and community relations, the Dialogue Society’s work spans a range of sectors including but not restricted to community, academia and policy. As explained on our website under ‘Our Approach/Target Audience’, the breadth of this reach is required in order to ensure impact at a number of levels but also to bring together people from different backgrounds and sectors whose combined work can have significant effect in helping society to develop in a more cohesive and empathic direction. To successfully accommodate this breadth of reach, the Dialogue Society is restructuring its existing work under a tripartite model comprising the following bodies:

Journal of Dialogue Stuides
Journal of Dialogue Stuides
Journal of Dialogue Stuides

These bodies will operate under the Dialogue Society providing greater coherence and focus to the work of the Society in these sectors. To ensure the healthy cross-fertilisation of our work in the sectors of community, academia and policy, Dialogue Society staff will continue to have responsibilities in more than one body.


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