Dialogue Iftars

Ramadan, during which many Muslims are keen to welcome a succession of guests to share festive dinners, is a perfect time to reach out to neighbours and groups with whom you may not have interacted as much in the past. Eating together is one of the most natural and powerful ways of establishing fellowship. In our experience, there is no better way of breaking barriers of difference and reserve than by inviting people to dinner and sharing with them something that is meaningful and valuable to you.

Thus, Dialogue iftars are introduced by the Dialogue Society more than 15 years ago to help you share the special experience of a fast-breaking dinner with people beyond the Muslim community, initiating new interactions and friendships. As well as being a gesture of friendship and generosity, it gives others a valuable insight into the spirit of Ramadan. This contact with an important aspect of Muslim religious life can challenge misconceptions, promoting mutual respect.

For more information on Dialogue iftars and how to organise, check out our Fast-Breaking Dinners manual.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To encourage and support individuals and groups to engage in dialogue
  2. To give insight into the spirit of Ramadan
  3. To promote more neighbourly interaction
  4. To encourage the opening up of different communities to one another
  5. To bring about dialogue between the cultural, community and faith-based organisations
  6. To encourage the inclusion of people who may not necessarily be interested in dialogue
  7. To get individuals and organisations interested in dialogue
  8. To initiate dialogue through a tangible event

How to Support?

  1. You can volunteer preparation of Dialogue Iftars at planning and organising.
  2. Donate us to organise Dialogue Iftars. The cost of a person to attend a dialogue iftar is £20. You can either donate for the person brought by yourself or by the Dialogue Society.
  3. Help us to find corporate sponsors who would support Dialogue Iftars to reach more people in various cities.
  4. Help us to find partners to reach diverse communities

How to Get Involved?

  1. Invite local stakeholders (MPs, councillors, police etc.)
  2. Invite local community and faith groups
  3. Invite local businesses

Project Contact

We are here to provide additional support when you have any queries. Please reach us at info@dialoguesociety.org.