Success School

Success School aims to help inspire, encourage, and equip young people aged between 16-24 from disadvantaged backgrounds to aspire to and work towards success. Participants will be challenged to think differently about their prospects, both in terms of the educational and career options available to them. The school will provide inspiration, encouragement, and advice through the stories of a range of successful professionals. It will help participants to explore and understand the factors which make for success, provide valuable tips and teach some crucial skills. 

Success School equips young individuals with soft skills as public speaking, communication, and presentation skills via professional training. It gives them boost of confidence and motivation.  

Further, the School will establish a network to provide participants with ongoing support, advice and networking opportunities. 

Aims and Objectives

• To help participants to overcome psychological barriers to success 

• To raise aspirations 

• To provide encouragement and support to participants at a pivotal stage in their lives and careers 

• To inspire participants through the stories of others’ success 

• To build understanding of the factors which make for success and of barriers to it 

• To provide valuable practical advice, hints and tips 

• To build a network of participants, Dialogue Society staff and contributors to provide an ongoing source of support, advice and networking opportunities 


The Success School will operate through a series of 4 sessions exploring the underlying dynamics, causes and methods of success. Sessions will comprise an initial presentation, Q&A and time for informal discussion and networking over refreshments.  

Each presentation will either: 

1. Discuss techniques, attitudes and skills that help develop potential and achieve greater effectiveness, or (2 sessions) 

2. Present role models who have become successful in their chosen field to discuss their ‘story’ and know-how. (2 sessions) 

Participants will be able to meet in person with the speakers and engage with them on a more personal level. They will also have time to get to know each other and Dialogue Society staff informally over refreshments after each session, building a supportive network.  

After the School: 

  • One or more networking/social events will be arranged to encourage ongoing contact and support between participants, Dialogue Society staff and guests.  
  • An alumni email group will help maintain connections.  
  • Participants who have attended regularly will receive a certificate to certify this. 
  • Participants may be invited to participate in other Dialogue Society projects or, where possible, to join us for work experience or an internship. 

Project Impact 

The project will help young people banish self-doubt and eradicate the thought processes that hold them back from their goals. We all need to make an impact – whether we’re selling ourselves or our ideas; whether we’re in a complex negotiation or contributing to a meeting. And that impact comes from our own self-belief. Most young people feel insecure about failure and being unsuccessful. This practically oriented project will explore psychological barriers that tend to hold people back, and more specifically the fear of failure. The project will offer practical tools for goal achievement. It will give the youngster the motivation to make the most of your potential by recognising, accepting and learning their unique skills and qualities. The participants will develop empowering beliefs and feel liberated in the knowledge they acquire.  

Overall, the project will allow them to see the glass full, improve their personal effectiveness and reduce unnecessary anxiety built by fear and disadvantages.  

Project Contact 

We are here to provide additional support when you have any queries. Please reach us at