Christmas Journal – 2022 – Issue 4

Our final issue is no different to the other issues, its filled with art, music, films, recipes and more! But do keep your eyes tuned, we have a newsletter coming out later in the week where we will share the in-person Christmas Is Community dinners we’ve been running up and down the country.

About Christmas Journal

Inspired by its sister journal, the Ramadan Journal, the spirit of Christmas, and the feeling of community, our Christmas Journal is an attempt to bring together the thoughts and expressions on our theme for this season, ‘Christmas is Community’. Over the past 20 years, our charity has championed bringing diverse communities together in the UK – to remind us that we are one community.

Unfortunately, according to recent statistics, over 3 million of us in the UK feel lonely regularly and disconnected from our community. Through short articles written by community leaders, ‘Dear Santa’ letters written by children, the language of art, music, and film, and many other creative avenues, we hope our journal serves to entertain and provoke dialogue on our theme.

We hope this journal can spark us all, inspiring us to think of innovative ways of bringing the lonely and most vulnerable members of society into the community. So, in many ways, this journal is part of a larger journey for us at the Dialogue Society – and we welcome you onboard!