Dialogue Theories, Volume II

Dialogue Theories Volume II is a substantial follow-up companion to Dialogue Theories published in 2013. The collection introduces the work of significant contributors to and shapers of the field of Dialogue Theory.

ISBN: 978-0-9934258-0-6
The collection is intended to inform and inspire anyone with an interest in the meaning and value of dialogue, whether that interest is academic, professional or personal. More broadly, it aims to advance theoretical and practical engagement with dialogue. The fifteen thinkers selected for Dialogue Theories Volume II represent a diversity of conceptual backgrounds, and are presented by distinguished contemporary authors from a range of professional backgrounds. Writers featured include Louis Massignon, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Mikhail Bakhtin and Emmanuel Levinas. Each chapter presents a short biography of the thinker in question and the core of his or her ideas, relates those ideas to the practice of dialogue, and suggests further reading and questions for reflection. This text seeks not only to contribute to academic reflection on the subject but also to pave the way for practical applications and practice of dialogue in specific contexts. As a consequence, the full potentiality of dialogue theory and its many manifest forms is considered and discussed.