How To Organise a Whirling Derwishes

This manual (2005) is for in-house use only. It explains how to organise a successful Whirling Dervishes event to bring communities and individuals together.

ISBN: 095550175-X

An 80 paged manual in Turkish explaining the intricacies of organising a Whirling Dervishes event in Europe.The manual was published to collate and share the collective experienced gained by the Dialogue Society in the process of organising such an event at the Wembley Grand Hall in 2004. The manual proved a timely publication for many Turkish dialogue groups that have organised many events since.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote Rumi’s teachings of love and acceptance through Whirling Dervishes events
  • To promote the organisation of Whirling Dervishes events to dialogue groups
  • To collate and share the experience and knowledge gained by organising such an event