Noah’s Pudding

This manual will help readers to facilitate neighbourly interaction through a range of events based on the tradition of Noah’s Pudding (Ashurah).

ISBN: 978-0-9557349-3-9

This manual will help you to host a delightful and delicious Noah’s Pudding event and facilitate neighbourly interaction on the Muslim festival of Ashurah, or indeed at any time of year. For almost ten years we at the Dialogue Society have been encouraging Muslims celebrating Ashurah to share the Noah’s Pudding not just with their nearest Muslim neighbour but with all their neighbours. Taking a nice bowl of pudding next door, or serving it up to a whole neighbourhood, community group or church congregation has proved a wonderful ice-breaker and an ideal way to build respect and friendship across the community. It is amazing what can be achieved with the last remnants from a prophet’s onboard larder!

This manual is part of a series of ten Community Dialogue Manuals developed by the Dialogue Society to encourage interaction between members of different communities.

About Community Dialogue Manuals

The primary aim of the series is to help people to bring their communities together through a number of approaches and events that the Dialogue Society has found successful. We have always found that the most successful events have been those with clear objectives and where attention has been paid to detail.

The Dialogue Society launched its series of ten Community Dialogue Manuals to encourage interaction between members of different communities. The manuals provide tangible ideas, know-how, and resources to both motivate and support people and groups to reach out to one another and strengthen social cohesion.

The Community Dialogue Manuals suggest 65+ ideas and projects (35+ are detailed and dialogue related), total 650 pages, contain 100+ sample documents and include 200+ references to other helpful websites and resources.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To encourage and support individuals and groups to engage in dialogue
  2. To provide strategies, tips, advice and know-how for organising successful events
  3. To initiate dialogue through a tangible, enjoyable event
  4. To facilitate neighbourly and community interaction
  5. To bring about dialogue between cultural, community and faith-based organisations
  6. To encourage inclusion of people who may not necessarily be interested in dialogue
  7. To encourage the opening up of different communities to one another
  8. To provide an example of how a cultural festival can be used in many ways to engage in meaningful dialogue

Who Is This Manual For?

  • Individuals and families who would like to reach out to their neighbours
  • Muslim communities
  • Other religious groups
  • Community groups
  • University students