Dialogue Society publications are both an outcome of and a contribution to dialogue at three different levels: community, academia and policy development.

Community publications comprise publications for the general public and manuals for community organisations empowering engagement in dialogue. In this second category, the recently published Community Dialogue Manuals provide extensive advice and supporting documents to help organisations to run a range of local projects to enhance community cohesion. Downloadable here, the manuals are also being distributed across the UK.

Academic publications respond to the need for critical examination of the work of dialogue and offer contributions to the study of the social issues with which it is engaged. In 2007 the Dialogue Society published the proceedings of a major conference analysing the nature and methods of the Gülen Movement. Forthcoming academic publications include two books on Multiculturalism, a collection of papers from academic workshops to take place in April and May 2012.

Policy related papers are geared towards national and local government. Drawing on the Dialogue Society’s community-level experience, they suggest a new approach on a particular policy area, offering specific recommendations towards its implementation. The 2009 policy paper, "Deradicalisation by Default: The 'Dialogue' Approach to Rooting out Violent Extremism," suggested alternative approaches to preventing violent extremism. It was received with great interest by policy-makers and leading academics.

The publications below are chronologically listed. To view them categorically please select the relevant category from the Publications submenu above.

ISBN: 095550175-X
A peer reviewed international conference over three days which featured the presentation of forty-nine full papers selected by an Editorial Board of sixteen renowned scholars.

ISBN: 095550175-X
This book is an introduction to the life, work and message of Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi, the famous 13th century Sufi Master. It explains how Rumi's teaching of love, acceptance and dialogue is symbolised in the performace of the whirling dervishes.

ISBN: 095550175-X
In 2005 the Dialogue Society produced and published an A5 Gregorian-reference diary which incorporates all the religious days and festivities of all the major religions of Europe. It also includes the national holidays of all European countries.

Connecting Communities - Whirling Dervishes

ISBN: 095550175-X
This manual (2005) is for in-house use only. It explains how to organise a successful Whirling Dervishes event to bring communities and individuals together.