Community Centres Branching Out

ISBN: 978-0-9557349-8-4
This manual is intended to give ideas and inspiration for promoting intercultural dialogue through events and activities at a general, cultural or religious community centre.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To encourage and support general/cultural/religious communities to engage in dialogue
  2. To encourage the opening up of different communities to one another
  3. To help eliminate any misconceptions or mistrust between different cultural and religious communities
  4. To help give a minority community a voice and a recognised and positive presence in the local area
  5. To help community centre members/service users to gain better access to local stakeholders, from politicians to the local police force, medical professionals to teachers
  6. To provide strategies, tips, advice and know-how for organising successful dialogue events at a community centre
  7. To provide ideas for new services that a general/cultural/religious community centre might consider offering to build on its strength and value as a resource for its own community

Who Is This Manual For?

  • This manual is for the use of anyone involved with a cultural/religious community centre who is interested in any or all of the manual’s aims and objectives.
  • It is also intended to be helpful to general community centres concerned with some of the same goals.
  • Charities working for social cohesion, dialogue or citizenship, and public sector agencies concerned with the same goals might also find inspiration for useful projects in this manual.