Community Engagement Dinners

ISBN: 978-0-9557349-9-1
This manual will help readers to organise a Community Engagement Dinner to bring people from all sectors of their local community together for a meal and a discussion of issues of local importance.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To encourage and support individuals and groups to engage in dialogue
  2. To raise awareness of local issues and encourage social responsibility
  3. To help provide an organised but friendly and informal context for constructive dialogue on issues of local importance
  4. To bring diverse people into contact with local stakeholders, encouraging engagement with local democracy and local services
  5. To encourage the opening up of different communities to one another
  6. To encourage inclusion of people who may not generally be interested in dialogue
  7. To facilitate neighbourly and community interaction
  8. To provide strategies, tips, advice and know-how for organising a successful event

Who Is This Manual For?

  • Charities, community groups and religious groups looking to promote dialogue, social cohesion and citizenship in their local area
  • Public sector professionals looking for new ways to serve the same goals